Image of a man in a red shirt. A small circle is visible. The image illustrates Tunnel Vision

Living With Usher Syndrome Type 1

This week is Deafblind Awareness Week organised by Deafblind UK to raise awareness of Deafblindness. For Deafblind Awareness Week, NESS would like to highlight a video made by Janette Chalmers, who lives with Usher Syndrome. Usher Syndrome is an inherited condition that causes deafness and Retinitis Pigmentosa, which is commonly called tunnel vision. As is typical for Usher Syndrome Type 1, Janette was born profoundly Deaf and grew up using British Sign Language. Janette’s husband, Ally, is also a Deaf British Sign Language user.

British Sign Language is a visual-gestural language. For Deaf British Sign Language users the restriction on vision which comes with Usher Syndrome, has a huge impact on communication.

Watch the video below where Janette gives insight into what it is like to live with Usher Syndrome Type 1.

Thank you, Janette Chalmers for allowing us to re-share your lovely video!

Click the link below to download a transcript of the video above.

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