Connect, Include & Support

Social support and activity groups for older people living with a sensory loss, to help reduce social isolation.

Reducing Isolation

Living with a sensory loss can be a challenging – and at times lonely – existence. Our CIS groups can help if you feel isolated and would like to build or renew friendships, share activities, and receive support to help you remain independent.

CIS is our dedicated service for people aged 65 and over who are living with a sensory loss, and is available in Aberdeen and Moray.  Our skilled, reliable and caring team can support you to become more involved in your local community and maintain your social contacts.  CIS organises social and leisure activities to help to build peer support circles, company and friendship.  Emotional support and a listening ear can be a lifeline if you are living on your own.  Our volunteers also help CIS members with any issues regarding mail and communication, and provide transport to events where required.

The Impact

1 in 5 people over 75 have a sight loss and 70% of people over 70 have a hearing loss, with a large proportion having both a sight loss and a hearing loss.  Adapting to dual sensory loss can feel extremely difficult when compounded by other factors often associated with aging, including decreasing mobility and failing dexterity, while this group is at high risk of social isolation.

Valuable funding has enabled us to provide training and support in using digital devices to improve social contact, while our fully accessible telephone conference call service enables our members to dial in and chat with each other in groups of four or five at a time.  Both initiatives are maintaining friendships and boosting resilience and emotional wellbeing.

One member, who has seen nobody apart from carers and support volunteers for a year, said that our new conference telephone line was “… delightful as it enabled me to talk to a group of long lost friends … what amazing technology.”

We are extremely grateful to all the funders who make this service delivery possible.


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