Hear 2 Help and Hearing Aid batteries

Support with battery replacement, maintenance and cleaning for people who wear NHS-issued hearing aids

Better Hearing – Reducing Isolation

Relying on hearing aids to connect with other people and the outside world can be tricky. To get the best out of your hearing aids, you need to replace the batteries, clean them and replace the tubing periodically. This is extra tricky if you can’t see clearly or if you struggle with fiddly things.

We can also give you spare batteries which are supplied by our friends at Audiology.

Our Hearing Aid champions have been trained by NHS colleagues at Audiology to clean and maintain the main types of hearing aids they issue. They are not trained Audiologists, so may still need to refer you to the Audiology service if they can’t fix your problem.

We are Hear2Help.

The Impact

Many people who wear hearing aids can’t see well enough to do their own re-tubing and cleaning. Also, some people struggle with the small fiddly pieces. If you need to send them into Audiology for attention, you may be without your hearing aids for a few days. For some people, this means not being able to have a conversation, listen to the TV or radio, or even answer the door-bell for a week or more.We have a number of volunteers trained by Audiology colleagues to service, maintain and clean hearing aids. We hold drop-in sessions at our resource centres on set, days each month. Arrangements are different in each area, so contact us for more information.

If you need new batteries, just pop in, tell us the type you need and we can supply these to you, free of charge.

Alternatively, NHS Grampian’s Audiology Department can post them to you. Email or telephone 01224 553377

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