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Transcription services

Communicate your message to customers or clients in accessible formats of their choice.

NESS (North East Sensory Services) can convert your printed documents into accessible formats, so you can communicate directly with customers who have sight and/or hearing loss.

The Equality Act (2010) requires organisations to enable access for people with a disability, including producing information in the person’s preferred accessible format.

NESS can produce your printed information in a variety of formats:

  • Audio format. Many people who do not have enough vision to read text access information in audio format. Information is read and recorded and can be distributed in MP3 format which can be uploaded onto a USB stick, or it can be recorded onto CD.  As a rough guide for audio we charge £60 per side of A4 text – for a detailed quote please contact us.
  • Braille is a form of raised text, using a series of dots to represent letters that is read using the touch of fingertips. Two percent of people who are sight impaired use Braille to access written information.
  • British Sign Language (BSL) is used by Deaf people, who need information in BSL to get the full and proper meaning. We can transcribe and film your message into British Sign Language and share it in MP4 format or distribute it on DVD.  As a rough guide for BSL video we charge £310 per 500 words of text (this includes cost of BSL interpreter/editing/subtitles etc.) – for a detailed quote please contact us.

Your message will reach people who do not have enough vision to read traditionally-sized text, and watched by British Sign Language users, for whom English is not their first language.

What happens next?

Our experienced Transcription Officer records, edits and produces digital audio and video footage to your specification. Our qualified and registered BSL-to-English interpreter will translate information from English into BSL to produce information in British Sign Language.

Timescales and pricing depends on the complexity of the job and estimated production time.

Please contact us to make an enquiry or get a quote.


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