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Visually impaired Rugby sessions in Forfar

Strathmore Community Rugby Trust have launched Visually Impaired (VI) rugby and are on the lookout for players! The sessions are held every Sunday at Forfar Community Campus from 10.45am till noon and are open to anyone aged 18 with a visual impairment or over, regardless of fitness or ability level. Direct bus routes are available throughout Angus and Dundee to the venue.

Visually Impaired Rugby is a game which has been modelled on traditional rugby and takes elements from both Union and League codes. Similar to touch rugby, the game is 7-a-side and the referee is very vocal, commentating on the game at all times to help all players understand where the ball is and what is happening.

The ball contains small ball bearings and bells which makes it audible. Tackles are made by two-hand touch tackles and after each touch, players place the ball between their legs. After 6 tackles it’s a turnover ball. The tackling team have to retreat 5m after each tackle. Scrums and lineouts are uncontested.

VI Rugby is already well-established in England and Wales – with teams at Worcester, Swansea and Cardiff – thanks to the work of The Change Foundation. It’s working with Strathmore Community Rugby Trust to establish the game in Scotland for the first time, alongside RNIB, NESS and Scottish Disability Sport.

For more information about VI Rugby please do not hesitate to get in touch via the Contact Us form on our website, by emailing or calling 07771 867059. You can also reach us through our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn).

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