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New Dates for Sensory Awareness Training

NESS is delighted to announce dates for our Sensory Awareness Training in 2024.

NESS’s training raises awareness of the practical and emotional impact of sight loss, hearing loss, Deafness and deafblindness. The overall aim is to support NESS’s vision of “A Scotland aware of the needs of people with sensory impairment, that includes them as equal participants in community life and offers them the opportunities available to all.”

Given the prevalence of sensory impairment, the training will benefit many people, including anyone working in health and social care and anyone working in a customer facing environment, where they may come into contact with customers who have a sensory impairment. As well as training participants having a greater awareness of how sensory impairment impacts day to day life, they will gain more confidence communicating with, and supporting, someone who has a sensory impairment. Training participants will also gain an awareness into how they might minimise some of the practical barriers, particularly barriers to communication and accessing information, that someone with a sensory impairment might come across day to day.

The training takes place in two parts. The first part is e-learning, which participants complete in their own time and at their own pace. This provides all of the theory and background knowledge about sight loss, hearing loss, deafness and deafblindness. The second part of the training provides an opportunity to discuss the practical and emotional impact and relate it to everyday scenarios, and can take place either at a face-to-face session or remotely on a Microsoft Teams session.

Face-to-face sessions take place in Aberdeen, Elgin and Friockheim, Angus. All of these sessions run from 9.30am-3.30pm and involve taking part in a number of activities focusing particularly on communication and sighted guiding skills, and relating these to everyday scenarios. The training will also include a sensory lunch.

Dates for face-to-face sessions are: 

Aberdeen – at NESS Resource Centre, 21 John Street, Aberdeen AB25 1BT

  • Wednesday 31st January 2024
  • Wednesday 20th March 2024
  • Wednesday 8th May 2024
  • Wednesday 26th June 2024
  • Wednesday 28th August 2024
  • Wednesday 6th November 2024

Elgin – at NESS Resource Centre, Elizabeth House, Victoria Crescent, Elgin IV30 1RQ

  • Thursday 28th March 2024
  • Thursday 30th May 2024
  • Thursday 5th September 2024
  • Thursday 10th October 2024

Angus – at Friockheim Hub, Eastgate, Friockheim, Arbroath DD11 4TG

  • Thursday 4th April 2024
  • Thursday 6th June 2024
  • Thursday 12th September 2024

For those who are unable to attend the face-to-face training, there is the option of attending a 2 ½ hour Microsoft Teams session. This session will also explore the practical and emotional impact of sensory lunch through small group discussions about everyday scenarios.

Dates for the Microsoft Teams sessions, which are available to anyone in any area are as follows:

  • Wednesday 21st February 2024 from 2-4.30pm
  • Thursday 25th April 2024 from 10am-12.30pm
  • Tuesday 10th September 2024 from 2pm – 4.30pm
  • Thursday 21st November 202 from 10am – 12.30pm

For more information, including costs, about NESS’s Sensory Awareness Training please visit the NESS website and to book a place please complete the booking form.

Please get in touch if you would like more information about the training by emailing, or phoning 0345 27 12345.

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