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Mind Yer Heid Walking Football Sessions Open to All

Thank you to Graham MacBain of Dundee City Disability Sport (DCDS) for this report on the Walking Football sessions held every Sunday from 1 – 2 pm.

“Today I visited the Mind Yer Heid Walking Football Session at Fairfield Community Hub (just off Happyhillock Road), where I met Rich of Walk and Talk Scotland and Jim Sorrie of Fairfield Community Hub. It was good to see that walking football here does “exactly what it says on the tin”! The group meet every Sunday for an hour, and it’s free to attend. There is no restriction to age or gender. In fact, the organisers are keen to see more women taking part in these

“It was great to watch the session unfold, with the walking pace meaning that players find they have time to take / make a pass. The sessions are an opportunity for men and women to help each other by taking part in physical activity, while being able to talk in a social setting where everyone supports everyone. Afterwards, everyone is welcome at the Hub.

As Rich, who organises these sessions, explained: “as important as the session is, the opportunity to sit down and have a chat over a cuppa and cake in the pavilion is just as valuable. There is a lot of humour amongst the players, and we all enjoy the session. I can’t speak highly enough of the folk at Fairfield.”

“Rich continued: “The sessions started at the beginning of 2023 and have grown ever since. Walk and Talk Scotland are affiliated with Fairfield Community Hub and Walking Football Scotland.

Walking Football is the largest growing sport in Scotland. Also, we have a link up partnership with Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH), one of the largest mental health organisations in the country.”

“This is a fantastic set up – if you are looking for a fun activity that is truly “non-contact” then Walking Football at Fairfield Community Hub is definitely worth a visit.”
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Published 24th April 2024

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