Aileen, and older woman in blue jumper, sits in a chair and Gill crouches next to her, wearing a black top

Living with Sight and Hearing Loss

Aileen Gourlay, who lives in Dundee, talks here about the support she has received from NESS’s Gill Sutherland – helping her to live life to the full, independently and with confidence. 

Aileen, who is 93 and registered as severely sight impaired, says “NESS has been so helpful. Gill has pulled out all the stops for me. She helped me with things that I qualified for to make life easier – a blue badge, a free travel pass – all sorts of things that help me get out and about. She also helped me with my personal finances and to apply for a reduced television licence. NESS also came to my home and advised me on lighting and road safety. They helped me with my cooker and air fryer, so it is easier for me to cook. I use a hearing aid and I needed to replace the batteries, but I couldn’t see to do it. They helped me find someone to replace them.” Gill also helped Aileen rekindle old hobbies by recommending talking books, and by helping Aileen order a large-piece jigsaw.   

Aileen continues, “I enjoy going out and about to clubs and social activities. Gill helped me sign up for Out and About, so I go on trips and for a cup of tea with them. I get tired but I would rather be tired and seeing people and going to places than stay in the house and do nothing. Gill talks to me as a person. She doesn’t tell me what to do. She just listens and offers advice. I know that if I had a problem she would always help.” 

Thank you very much to Aileen for sharing your story – we’re sure others will find it helpful and inspiring. If you would like to share your own experiences, like Aileen, then please contact us.

Published 24th June 2024

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