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Future Changes to your Telephone Landline

We have had a number of queries over the past few months about future changes to your telephone landline, from the current analogue system to a digital system. The change over is happening because the old phone technology no longer works efficiently, and it is difficult to source materials to fix problems. It is the telephone providers who are making the change, and the UK Government is working with them to make sure it all goes smoothly. The target to complete the transition is December 2025.

You don’t have to take any action – you will receive a letter from your landline phone provider explaining what will happen. For most of us, it will be a very simple and straightforward change. There will be an option to have a landline phone only – you do not have to have internet access if you do not want it.

When your phone changes over, if you have technology e.g. telecare or alarms, that works through your landline, you will be able to contact your phone or equipment provider to find out if it will work with the new telephone connection.

If you receive a letter from your landline telephone provider about the changeover, or have concerns or queries, please get in touch with one of the NESS duty workers in your area – they will be happy to support you with any information or questions you may have.

There is further and more detailed information about the changeover on the UK Government website 

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