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Hearing Aid support in Dundee

Contact Details
  • 01382 721455
  • text: 07713 711772

In partnership with NHS Tayside’s Audiology department, NESS is now hosting Hearing aid drop-in support at Number Ten in Dundee

Call in for hearing aid batteries, re-tubing, support, advice and find out about other NESS services that might be able to help you.

Cleaning and tubingHearing aid behind the ear

If you wear a Behind-the ear (BTE) NHS hearing aid with an ear-mould, like this one,  our trained volunteers, some of whom have a hearing loss themselves, will undertake basic maintenance for you, such as cleaning ear moulds or replacing tubing and batteries, to help you get the best performance from your NHS Hearing aid and hear more clearly.

Hearing aids not serviced

Unfortunately, if you wear a tube fitting for mild hearing loss' aid like this one, we are unable to replace the tubing you need and you will still need to attend the Audiology Clinic at Kings Cross Hospital


Drop in between 10am and 12noon on the 3rd Thursday of the month in 2020 on the following dates:

  • 16th January
  • 20th February
  • 19th March
  • 16th April
  • 21st May
  • 18th June
  • 16th July
  • 20th August
  • 17th September
  • 15th October
  • 19th November
  • 17th December

We also issue batteries for NHS hearing aids any time

If you just need new batteries, drop into NESS Reception between 9.30 and 4.00 Monday to Friday.

 If you need to contact Audiology their contact details are:

Telephone: 01382 596965

Mobile Text Only: 07833 046858