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Hear 2 Help in Elgin

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Elgin, Moray

NESS is Hear 2 Help at Elizabeth House, Victoria Crescent, Elgin, in partnership with NHS Grampian’s Audiology department.

We can provide Hearing Aid batteries, re-tubing, support, advice and access to other NESS services.

Hearing Aid batteries

At each of our resource centres, NESS stocks a range of hearing aid batteries. If you need new batteries, drop in between 9.30am and 4pm Monday to Friday. These are distributed free of charge to people who wear NHS hearing aids.

Cleaning and tubing

If you wear a Behind-the ear (BTE) NHS hearing aid with earmould, like this one:Hearing aid behind the earour trained volunteers, some of whom have a hearing loss themselves, will undertake basic maintenance for you, such as cleaning ear moulds or replacing tubing and batteries, to help you get the best performance from your NHS Hearing aid and hear more clearly.

Unfortunately, if you wear a Slim tube fitting for mild hearing loss' aid like this one:Hearing aids not servicedwe are unable to replace the tubing at Elizabeth House. You will still need to attend the Audiology Clinic at Dr Gray’s Hospital.

Information, Equipment and Support

You can also find out about the range of information, equipment and other support available to people with hearing loss and sight loss, which can make a significant difference. It helps them manage their sensory loss and cope independently.

Drop in with your hearing aid between 12.00 and 13.30 every second Wednesday, except at Christmas, on the dates in 2020 below:     

  • 15th & 29th January
  • 12th & 26th February
  • 11th & 25th March
  • 15th & 29th April
  • 13th & 27th May
  • 10th & 24th June
  • 15th & 29th July
  • 12th & 26th August
  • 9th & 23rd September
  • 14th & 28th October
  • 11th & 25th November
  • 9th December

We also issue batteries for NHS hearing aids 

If you just need new batteries, drop into NESS between 9.30 and 4.00 Monday to Friday where you can also find out about local support such as lipreading classes, special equipment, social and leisure groups and our joint sensory support services.

NESS Contact Details:

If you need to contact Audiology their contact details are:

Telephone 01343 567 309