Understanding Sensory Loss

  1. Sight Loss

    Sight loss affects over 180,000 people in Scotland. Find out more about living with a sight loss.

  2. Deafness and Hearing Loss

    Hearing loss affects 1 in 6 of the population and over 6000 Deaf people use British Sign Language as their preferred language.

  3. Deafblindness and Dual Sensory Loss

    Deafblindness is a combination of sight and hearing loss. People who are deafblind will have different degrees of sight and hearing loss.

  4. Sensory Loss and Other Disabilities

    Many people living with a sight loss and/or hearing loss will also have other disabilities of health conditions.

1 in 6 of the population of Scotland has a hearing loss  (945,000)                                              "Hearing Matters", Action on Hearing Loss 2016

1 in 30 of the population of Scotland has a sight loss (180,000)                                                                "See Hear Strategy",  Scottish Government 2014

The term “sensory loss” covers a broad spectrum of experiences related to loss of sight and/or hearing.

British Sign Language Video

BSL Video

  • Some people are born blind or deaf,
  • Some people are born blind and become deaf
  • Some are born deaf and become blind,
  • Some people are born deafblind.  

Many more people lose some or all of their sight and/ or hearing at some time during their life and at different times.  

Everyone’s experiences are different, and everyone will have their own ways of dealing with day to day situations, their own ways of communicating and of getting information.

Sensory loss impacts many aspects of day to day life.  Many people lose confidence doing activities that they previously enjoyed.  Getting the right practical and emotional support as quickly as possible has been shown to help people adapt more quickly to their sensory loss and to go on to achieve independence.