Our Services

  1. Practical & Emotional Support

    Services providing practical, social and emotional support to people living with a sensory loss to be independent and confident

  2. Daily Living Aids and Technology

    Adaptive and assistive technology can transform the lives of people living with a sensory loss.

  3. Support for Young People

    The Young People's Sensory Service (YPSS) supports children with a sensory loss to build confidence, self-esteem and life skills.

  4. Support for Older People

    Social support for older people living with a sensory loss to help reduce social isolation

  5. Audio Library & Magazines

    Extensive collection of over 4,000 audio books, and weekly audio magazines

  6. Service User Forum

    Forum for all service users to discuss items of interest, pass on information and for mutual support.

  7. Batteries for NHS Hearing Aids

    Available from our resource centres in Aberdeen, Dundee and Elgin

**UPDATE - Following Government guidance NESS offices and resource centres are now closed and we are working in a different way.    

NESS services support people with serious sight and/or hearing loss to overcome practical and emotional challenges and achieve independence.

British Sign Language Video

BSL Video

Everyone experiences their sight loss and hearing loss differently, and may need different support at different times.  Getting the right practical and emotional support will help you make sense of your sight and/or hearing loss and find ways of managing day to day life and maintaining your independence.