Lipreading classes

Lipreading is the skill that is used by people who are deaf or hard of hearing to help them follow what other people are saying. 

Lipreading involves piecing together what you hear with what you see in terms of the mouth shape and movement, and using other clues for example from facial expression, body movement, and context. 

Developing good lipreading skills has been shown to help people who are deaf or hard of hearing be more confident when communicating with others, reducing social isolation.

Lipreading classes explore in some detail the different sounds and shapes made during speech, how to interpret them and use other clues to understand what a speaker is saying.  It provides an opportunity for people with a hearing loss to share their experiences, support and learn from each other.

NESS runs lipreading classes in Aberdeen, Inverurie and Elgin. 

What do the participants say?

  • “My daughter now tells my grandchildren to face me when they’re talking to me.” -T.B.S, Inverurie
  • “Particularly helpful in highlighting coping strategies i.e. where to sit in a room, asking a definite question rather than for a repeat.”- S.M.
  • “Has helped me to cope with everyday life situations that have constantly caused misunderstandings. Lots of tips and tricks.” – P.D.