Sensory Awareness Training

Photo of sighted guiding-Down stepsSensory Awareness Training raises awareness of the practical, social and emotional impact of sight and/or hearing loss. NESS's interactive Sensory Awareness Training helps you to become more aware of the impact of sensory loss, and more confident supporting someone who has a sensory loss. 

As well as finding out about the common causes of sight and hearing loss and how these might affect someone day-to-day, you will explore communication skills and learn how to guide someone who is blind or visually impaired.  We will introduce you to some of the aids, equipment and adaptations that people with a sensory loss may use to maintain their independence.    The training is relaxed and interactive, giving you the opportunity to relate what you learn to your own workplace. 

Training participants talking with ear defenders Dates for training in Aberdeen, Dundee and Elgin in 2020 are: