"As a professional working with people, I sometimes come across someone who is  Deaf, hard of hearing, blind or visually impaired. What can NESS do to help me to do my job?"

  • NESS can give you information, advice and put you or your client in touch with specialist services that can help. Contact Us to make a referral or find out more.

"The lady I support is struggling to see enough to read large print. Can I refer her to NESS for support?"

  • Yes, our rehabilitation workers may be able to provide her with information, advice or equipment to help. If you referred her to our ICT officer, she could access training or try out specialist digital equipment. She could also join our Audio Library, where she could select audio books from our wide selection of titles.

"Can I access your Sensory Awareness Training?"

  • Yes, you can book and come along to one of our regular Sensory Awareness Training days, which will help you understand the physical, social and emotional impact of sensory loss. 

"We have a number of residents who don't see or hear very well. Will you come to my workplace and train my colleagues?"

  • Yes, we provide tailored training which is designed to specifically meet the needs of your team. Get in touch to discuss your needs.

"Can I book an English Language to sign language interpreter for an appointment with my Deaf patient?"

"Can I get my hymn sheets transcribed into Braille? ...

"Can I get my pamphlet dictated and recorded into an Audio format for our customers who are visually impaired?...

"Can I get the information in my housing leaflet signed in BSL and filmed, recorded onto a DVD for Deaf tenants?"

  • Yes, yes and yes! Our Transcription Service can convert most written English into Braille, Audio or BSL video, so all your clients can enjoy it.