Equipment for people with a sight loss

We display useful specialist equipment and daily living aids to help with everyday activities.

Telling the time, working in the kitchen, taking medication and using the telephone or remote control can all become more difficult with a sight loss. We have a range of daily living aids that can help e.g. talking clocks and watches, tactile markers, large button telephones and many others.  You can visit our Resource Centres during opening hours.  Staff are happy to provide information and advice.

Assistive technology

Assistive technology can help you read and access information and communicate with others. Screen readers make computers, tablets and smartphones accessible by speaking all the text that is on the screen, opening up the internet and email communication.

screen magnificationMagnification aids and software including CCTV units, portable electronic magnifiers and talking scanners help people with sight loss to read newspapers, letters and labels.

NESS staff can demonstrate the equipment and provide training on different aids and software, helping you to achieve greater independence.