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Sensory Awareness Training in Aberdeen

Group of training participants sitting in horseshoe formation at tables, facing a large white board

We have a Sensory Awareness Training date coming up on Wednesday 28th August 2019.

Join us at this session in Aberdeen to find out more about how you can support people living with a sensory loss.  People with a sensory loss say that they want people to be more aware of their needs, and NESS's Sensory Awareness Training will provide you with a detailed overview of what sensory loss (sight loss and hearing loss) is and how it may affect someone.

The training runs from 9.30am - 4pm at 21 John Street, Aberdeen AB25 1BT.  At the moment, the Aberdeen See Hear Strategy Fund covers the cost of the training so it is free to attend for people working in Aberdeen City. 

For more information and to book a place visit Sensory Awareness Training.