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Basic hearing aid maintenance training in Care Homes

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Hearing aids can make a huge difference to helping someone with a hearing loss communicate with others, but they need regular cleaning, retubing and new batteries.  These can be fiddly jobs, and carers often lack the skills and confidence to carry out basic maintenance.  Hearing Aid Champion training aims to improve the skills and confidence of staff to carry out basic hearing aid maintenance.  In turn, the hearing aid wearer will have an improved quality of life from improved communication with a hearing aid that is working as well as possible.  

Hearing Aid Champion training is aimed at staff working in residential care, home care, care at home, sheltered or very sheltered housing to learn basic hearing aid maintenance. It is an hour long, informal and practical training, delivered by North East Sensory Services (NESS) volunteers with support from Audiology.  The NESS volunteers are usually hearing aid users themselves and have been trained by Audiology to run NESS’s Hear2Help service, which provides basic hearing aid maintenance to hearing aid wearers at NESS’s Resource Centre on John Street.

NESS volunteer trainers are available on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month in the morning to come to you to train a small group of your staff in basic hearing aid maintenance of hearing aids with moulds. There is some flexibility if this time isn’t suitable.  The training will cover basic trouble-shooting, cleaning, re-tubing and changing batteries in mould hearing aids. 

Please contact NESS to find out more or to arrange for your Hearing Aid Champion training by phoning 0345 271 2345, emailing or SMS (message) 07593 102004.