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Dementia and Sensory Loss training

NESS and Alzheimer Scotland will be delivering the Dementia and Sensory Loss training on Thursday 7th March 2019 from 1.30 to 4pm. 

This short interactive training explores the links and overlaps between dementia, sight loss and hearing loss.  The risk of developing each condition is associated with ageing, and the symptoms of dementia and sensory loss can sometimes mask each other as well as compound the difficulties that each condition creates.   This training will get you thinking about the difficulties created by living with dementia, a sight loss and/or a hearing loss.

The training takes place at the Dementia Resource Centre, 13-19 King Street, Aberdeen AB24 5AA.  The training is funded by the Aberdeen See Hear Strategy Fund and so is only available to people working in Aberdeen City.  

For more information visit our website.  To book a place, contact NESS by phoning 0345 271 2345 or by emailing