NESS reaches over 6,300 people in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Angus, Dundee and Moray who are living with a sight and/or hearing loss.

Headlines from 2017-18:

Our statutory services saw 850 new service users out of the 1,260 people  we directly supported.

We had 11,700 visits to our centre in Aberdeen, 2,100 to Elgin and 873 to Dundee in this period.

We had 16,272 unique website hits and our Facebook reach was 170,160.

124 people were registered as volunteers with NESS, 31 or 25% of whom are also service users.

NESS has delivered 56 training and information events, reaching 1,223 people.

Everything that NESS does aims to support people who are blind and/or deaf to achieve independence.   NESS delivers personalised support to meet individual needs and circumstances.

British Sign Language Video

BSL Video

NESS gathers information about the impact that it has using a number of methods.  Feedback received illustrates that people who use NESS services feel more informed, better equipped and more able to cope with daily living.  They say they feel more able to cope with the challenges they face, feel more involved or in touch with their community, feel more confident and competent, and feel they have more power and control over their choices and decisions.

You can find out more about the impact we have in our NESS Social Accounts

The impact that NESS has is different for everybody.  Here are a selection of personal stories.